Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love me, But dont Show Me.

Here's a video for soon to be Elders who's leaving a girlfriend or a lover.

watch this..
and be inlove too:]

very cool:}


Love Me, But Don’t Show Me
These two weeks together have been the sweetest of my life,
My hearts prayer was answered when you agreed to be my wife.
Your love's like a cancer, girl, cuz I got no resistance,
There's only one answer girl: You got to keep your distance!

Love me, but don't show me.
I want our wedding night to be right.
Miss me, but don't kiss me.
If we start to makin' out girl,
You won't be wearin' white.

You make me feel so handsome, like a shining dark stallion,
I love the way you wear your young women's medallion.
You know girl, I love you, but I hope you comprehend,
This body is a Temple - and you don't got no recommend.


I will see you Dressed in white without falter.
Our first love's kiss will be over the altar.

After each date with you, I'll fight with all my might,
To treat you like a gentleman, and shake your hand goodnight.
I'll breathe in your perfume; it's fillin' up my lungs,
But don't you even start to try to use the gift of tongues.


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